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Configure Free Mailbox from Yandex for your Own Domain

Getting a domain name for your business and setting up mailbox is one of the very first things we do to start an online business. Most of the time when we use cPanel from hosting vendors like hostgator, bluehost or … Read MoreRead More

Self Hosted Email Marketing Service for e-Commerce

Email marketing is one of the most favorite tools for digital marketing. Its popularity has significantly been contributed by its effectiveness in reaching a huge number of people within the shortest time possible otherwise called mass communication. One of the … Read MoreRead More

Set-up Transactional Emails with Amazon SES & Sendy

Amazon has one of the most reliable web infrastructure service for business, and, for past many years many of the businesses have started migrating their IT infrastructure with Amazon Web Services. Some of the most popular AWS services include, EBS, … Read MoreRead More

WordPress and Sendy – A Complete Website with Email Marketing

WordPress is one of the robust solutions to get started with blogging, website or content marketing as a whole. WordPress has evolved a lot in last 10 years and today it has become a major content management system over Internet. With … Read MoreRead More

How to Configure External SMTP with Sendy?

As we all know, EasySendy officially support Amazon SES and Mandrill with Setup and regarding this we wrote a post about Mandrill Setup with Sendy along with another post on how you can set-up Sendy to handle transnational emails with Amazon SES previously. … Read MoreRead More

How to Add Unsubscribe and Webversion Links to Emails in Sendy

In my last blog post, I mentioned about some of the best email marketing practices that you should be practising with Sendy and Amazon SES, in-order to get high delivery of emails to inbox. In that post, I mentioned about … Read MoreRead More

Best Email Marketing Practices with Amazon SES & Sendy

When you start using Amazon SES with Sendy. You get a lot of freedom on sending email newsletter and updates to your subscribers. But, with all these freedom, you need to take of some of the best email marketing practices … Read MoreRead More

Sendy on Amazon SES with EasySendy Ensures High Delivery

A perfect Sendy installation is a complex process that can make a huge difference to your email marketing. If you rely on email marketing and newsletters, you know that sending emails to prospects and leads can become expensive quickly. Services … Read MoreRead More

Get High Email Sending Speed with Sendy Email App

It’s been more than 7 months since we started providing one click Sendy installation and Amazon SES / Mandrill integration service with hosted version of Sendy. Now, we have more than 180 businesses using this service in 42+ countries, to … Read MoreRead More

EasySendy Officially Support Mandrill SMTP with Sendy

Last month we mentioned that, we are working on integration of Mandrill SMTP with Sendy, in order to give you one more choice of sending emails through different SMTP. No doubt, Sendy has great integration with Amazon SES, but, now … Read MoreRead More