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MailChimp vs Amazon SES – Save Huge Dollars on Email

With the number of subscribers increasing every day, the cost of campaigns and communicating with the subscribers also multiply rapidly. Reduction of costs and maintaining ROI is an extremely crucial element for any business and at the same time, you … Read MoreRead More

Set-up Transactional Emails with Amazon SES & Sendy

Amazon has one of the most reliable web infrastructure service for business, and, for past many years many of the businesses have started migrating their IT infrastructure with Amazon Web Services. Some of the most popular AWS services include, EBS, … Read MoreRead More

Setup Unlimited Autoresponder Emails with Sendy

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale ~ David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing. Email Marketing campaigns being the an important component in digital marketing, Sendy has emerged as one of the … Read MoreRead More

Self Hosted Email Marketing Service for e-Commerce

Email marketing is one of the most favorite tools for digital marketing. Its popularity has significantly been contributed by its effectiveness in reaching a huge number of people within the shortest time possible otherwise called mass communication. One of the … Read MoreRead More