Businesses collect emails from various marketing campaigns and these campaigns, are organized either online or offline. In both situations, the targeted customer enters his email and other relevant details in a form. If the data is collected online, then it is quite easy to transfer / sync with the Sendy email subscriber list. If emails are collected from offline campaigns, then you will have enter the data manually in a csv sheet and then upload them to the Sendy subscriber list.

Check your Email List Health for Free with Datavalidation

Errors that happen while adding email to the list:

Adding emails to the list in both the online and offline format, does not always have a satisfactory outcome. In either of the email subscription campaigns, typing errors do occur, and this includes typos, which is common and frequently happens while entering email addresses online / offline.

Typing errors can happen in different parts of the email address, either in first section which is before the “@” or the second section which appears after the “@”. Errors in first part are hard to find, but errors in second part can be identified easily. For example, we usually observe people entering as or or These errors can be easily fixed and updated within an email list.

Why Validation of your Email List is important?

As explained in my previous post, most SMTP services like Amazon SES or Mandrill, observe the bounce and spam rates to decide the quality of the emails that you send out to your customers. You can refer complete details on this in my previous post – Best Email Marketing Practices.

Having understood the importance of correct and complete email addresses that determine the reputation of email marketing with SMTP providers, we will now look for solutions that can help check health and clean an email list before emails are even sent out.

The health of an email list can easily be checked with a free email Monitoring feature from Data Validation.

monitor email list

How to Check the Health of an Email List:

With the health of an email list being so important, below is a brief introduction on how it can be checked using the Free Email list Monitoring feature of Data Validation.

1. To begin with, you will need to create an account with Data Validation here.

2. After having signed up, you need to confirm your email and validate your Data Validation account.

3. Once inside the Data Validation account, you will have the option to upload your selected email list under “Linked Lists”. Click on “Import more Lists” button to select the email list who’s health you want to monitor.


4. You have the option to upload lists from existing ESPs like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Mailgun, Aweber, Emma, SendGrid, Mailup or you can also upload from your computer in .CSV file format. In the frame below, I have selected the email list from my computer to upload.


5. After having successfully uploaded the email list to your Data Validation account, it will appear under the “Unlinked Lists” option.

6. The uploaded email list’s health is now checked automatically by Data Validation and the result appears as a score after a couple of hours.


Clicking on the right arrow of the card, also shows what percentage of the emails will be delivered from this uploaded email list.


Additionally, if you’d like to further clean and validate the uploaded email list, then a paid membership option for Data Validation is the next step. Email list validation and email cleansing service can be availed at a very affordable price.

It is always better to get your email list cleaned and validated if the score goes below 95%.

With this tool, it becomes easy to remove the invalid, unwanted and stale emails, which can further help you in reducing email bounce rates to a large extent.

Once, your email list has been cleaned you can easily upload it to the Sendy subscriber email list and start sending email campaigns. This tool is a great help in avoiding any kind of account suspension or block from Amazon SES or Mandrill, and will help you in maintaining a good reputation with greater email delivery rate.

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  1. Rohit

    Look I need to send large amount of mails to individuals which are not subscribers. they are kind of customers and tare new emails. Is you service can do it ? Please let me know Thanks

    • Ankit

      Rohit, your email list should be own opt-in and must have valid emails. If you will send emails in invalid emails, they will bounce and hamper your email reputation at SES or Mandrill. For this purpose, you should use Datavalidation.

  2. Jonathan

    Is it possible to import the cleaned list into Sendy without losing custom fields?

    • Ankit

      Yes Jonathan, absolutely. This is possible.

  3. Keith Henderson

    Email list health is an important factor for every business campaign to work smoothly. This post clearly explains all the important points required to check our list health and also a step by step guide to data validation services.

  4. Emily Griffin

    Validation of the email list is extremely vital. If it is not carried out then the time and efforts of the marketers goes futile. Every marketer understands the importance of data validation in email marketing.

  5. Arthur Anderson

    Thanks for providing lots of useful advice here. Some marketers don’t think bounce emails are a serious problem. However, it is because the bounce rate directly affects our sender reputation. To avoid bounce, I believe that we must validate it first.

  6. Catherine Jackson

    The significance of email list validation can’t be more overstated. However it’s often missed by businesses and individuals that go in for email marketing. This blog clearly says about the importance of it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Betty Bennett

    First of all we must put our efforts in building our email lists internally to make our email marketing program far more successful. Yet, it is equally important to regularly scrub your email list to remove inappropriate leads that could be harmful to your email marketing success.

  8. Patricia Lopez

    Yes email lists are liable to spoil after the expiry date! According to Return Path reports nearly 83% of the time an email address is not delivered to an inbox, and the sender’s reputation is to blame.

  9. Betty Bennett

    Yes, every year we must get the health checkup done for our email list. Every year some email IDs expire. Data-validation is a good idea.

  10. Matthew Jenkins

    Yes, every year we must get the health checkup done for our email list. Every year some email IDs expire. Datavalidation is a good idea.

  11. Ann Garcia

    Validation of the email list is as important as checking your health every month. Every marketer understands it very well.

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