Last month we mentioned that, we are working on integration of Mandrill SMTP with Sendy, in order to give you one more choice of sending emails through different SMTP. No doubt, Sendy has great integration with Amazon SES, but, now we also support using Mandrill SMTP with our hosted version of Sendy.

Officially, this month we have started support for Sendy with Mandrill. Now you can use your hosted Sendy with your Mandrill SMTP account too and make the email marketing breeze for your subscribers.

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Now when you register with us and order a plan, you get choice to select which SMTP would you like to configure with your hosted Sendy? Amazon SES or Mandrill?

EasySendy support complete integration of Sendy with Mandrill. This means you get all open, click, bounce, unsubscribe, complaint reports inside Sendy reports only. For this to happen, we need to add webhook inside your Mandrill SMTP inorder to make Sendy communicate with Mandrill seamlessly.



Why Use Mandrill SMTP with Sendy?

  • Some email marketers believe to get high email deliveries using Mandrill SMTP.
  • Mandrill dashboard give more reports and analysis.
  • Mandrill support storing of emails to their server.

With all these information, about Emails sending speed and Mandrill, take your email marketing to next level and keep growing your business.


  1. alice

    what if i already have an account with mandrill? how do i sign up with you guys to set up sendy + mandrill? will u use my current one or will it be a new one? can i use the same credit card for another mandrill?


    • Ankit

      You can integrate your existing Mandrill account with EasySendy plans. After you have purchased EasySendy Plan, our support will assist you to integrate Sendy and your Mandrill account.

  2. Kelley

    Can Sendy and EasySendy be setup to send emails on behalf of multiple clients. We need to send emails on behalf of various clients. Can multiple domains be verified on Mandrill then the corresponding one chosen when send an email from a particular brand. Thanks.

    • Ankit

      Kelley, Yes, you can add multiple clients, you will have to get the domain / emails verified in your Mandrill and then you can add those inside your Sendy. With each single plan of EasySendy; you will get Sendy installed on single domain / sub-domain. Since, you will be sending emails for multiple clients, preferred EasySendy Plan would be Agency or Professional Plan.

  3. Amelia

    Thanks Ankit for the update. This is a great news and I am eagerly waiting to use it. I will get back to you in case I face any problem.

  4. Morgan

    Hi Ankit, this is great news. I was wondering why Sendy is not taking this step. But seems like I can stop thinking and start working with the new development. You guys really manage to put up a smile on my face with every new update.

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