After all setup and integration has been done with Sendy, then, you can login to your Sendy email marketing application from the domain name where EasySendy support team did installation of your Sendy application. Once, you have created your credential for Sendy and login successfully, you start with Sendy settings and update the locations with other settings accordingly.

Finally, when you are done with initial setup, then, you go ahead creating brands and start adding email list to the brands. While adding email list, you need to take care of some of the important points which, enable you to upload email list quite effectively to Sendy brands.

Important things to take care while uploading email list to Sendy:

1. Valid .CSV format

This is very first point you should keep in mind, before you start uploading email list. The list should be according to Sendy predefined format. Also, the .CSV file which you are going to upload, should be in comma separated value ( any semi-column delimiters are not supported ). You can download a sample of this .csv file from here.


Remember, the number of rows and columns in your CSV should be the same. This means there should not be any blank field in any row / column.

2. Create Custom Fields First

By default, you can upload Name and Email of the subscribers from your .CSV file. If you have plans to add extra field, then, you should add those custom fields first. You can do this by clicking on the link which appear as “create custom fields first” from the email list import / upload page. Once you have created new custom field, you should add the same custom field name at top row of the .CSV file and then start uploading the file.


3. .CSV File should be Less than 2Mb

EasySendy allows you to upload .CSV file upto 2Mb only. If your CSV file is more than 2Mb in size then, you will get error. Its a good practice to split the .CSV file in small files and then start uploading separately. Having this practice, has following advantages:

  • Email list upload speed is fast to the database
  • Having small email list of size, has higher email sending speed in Sendy.

Use this tutorial to split large .CSV file into multiple small files.

4. Use Upload Editor to Upload Name and Emails

If you are only uploading name and email, then, you can use Plain Upload Editor, which is available below the “Import via CSV file” option. This upload editor accepts text only and is faster as compared to .CSV file uploader.


Troubleshoot Email List Uploads:

  • Some records weren’t imported from my .CSV

The reason why some emails aren’t imported is because they are either malformed email addresses, duplicates within the list or CSV, previously marked as unsubscribed or spam in the list or marked as bounced globally (in any list or brand).

  • I have trouble importing a huge CSV file

Try splitting your huge CSV file into several smaller sized CSV files and import them one after another, please refer point 4 above.

  • How to stop a CSV import that’s currently importing

If the list you’re currently importing a CSV file into has zero subscribers, you can just delete the list, then re-create the list.

  • CSV import stuck at 0%

If your CSV import is stuck at 0%, the cron job that you previously setup for import-csv.php is not responding, hence it’s not executing the import-csv.php script that in turn starts the CSV import.

To resolve this, visit http://your_sendy_installation_url/reset-cron.php to reset cron job statues in your database.

After this, you can delete the old importing list and start with a fresh new list.

Still, if this issue persists, check your .CSV file, is there any field in column / row cell left blank?

Sendy Troubleshoot is adapted from Sendy Troubleshooting & Support Guide.


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