UPDATE: Stamplia Drag and Drop Email Template Editor is no longer under operation. You can use free drag and drop editor from https://beefree.io

It has become like a universal truth – We love Sendy, and at EasySendy we help you host this email marketing application with great convenience. Not just hosting, we extend our help in integrating Sendy with Amazon SES SMTP gateway. This allows you to send emails at an affordable price.

Why Drag and Drop Editor?

With so many businesses migrating to Sendy and using Amazon SES gateway for email marketing, we realized its time to have a convenient drag and drop email editor, where you can seamlessly edit your email templates.


Sendy already has CKeditor which can be used to create basic email templates. However, we understand that advanced and non tech marketers require a drag and drop editor to create email template quickly. Another advantage with drag and drop editor is, you need not depend on your IT team or designers to give your email templates its finishing touch.

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Meet Sendy Compatible Stamplia

In order to meet the increasing demand for a drop and drag editor, we scouted the internet and came across Stamplia, an email template marketplace, having tons of beautiful and pre-tested templates that work easily with Sendy application.


Stamplia is known for its mobile responsive templates and the free drag and drop editor. You can signup with Stamplia for free and get started with free email templates which you want to edit.

Using Sendy with ‘Stamplia’: Step-by Step

Now let me walk you through the process of using Stamplia and how to use it with Sendy. Very first you need to signup a free account with Stamplia, you can do this from here.

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When you start using Stamplia editor, for that you need to login from here, you will get to choose from 5 free pre-designed email templates or you can also design your own template with drag and drop editor. While you are designing email templates, don’t forget to add pre header and post footer- they are always quite important to use.


After you are done with creating the email template, you must check the look and feel of the email on mobile device too, with switching option, which is available at top of the screen of Stamplia editor.


Finally, when you are done with creating email template, download the template code from bottom left of the Stamplia email editor.


Now it is time to open Sendy and start with an creating email campaign.

The first thing to do is to click on “Switch to HTML” to shift the email editor to accept you code, which you have downloaded from Stamplia drag and drop editor.

Here you need to update the unsubscribe and view email in web browser according to Sendy format.

When you are all done, you can preview the email in display mode and send a test mail to your email address, just so you know how beautiful your email campaign looks!

Stamplia not only takes care of mobile responsive email templates but also, sees to it that your email must be compatible with various email client mailbox, like, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and so on.

So, EasySendy users, give this email editor a try and make your emails look more user friendly. Also let me know how was the response to your email campaigns in the comment box.

Update: Now Stamplia officially support Sendy; you can have a look through this short video:


  1. Zimmerman

    Finally, i have the access to create attractive email templates. These are HTML5 compliant too. No code break and no issue, email open rates are very good now. On mobile, email templates are responsive and friendly.

    • Ankit

      That sounds great!

  2. Neil Hester

    Really limited in use, you dont seem to have any control over image resoloution so by default any uploads are very small and resizing them from the low res it converts to on upload looks terrible !

  3. maria marsala

    Maybe you know what the Client ID number is in the Stamplia onboarding process?

    It won’t send their program to Sendy w/o it, it’s no where to be found in my Sendy documents, and Sendy told me to ask Stamplia but there is no way to contact them on their site.

    • Ankit

      Hello Maria,

      Inside Stamplia builder we could see that, you need to put, API KEY, URL INSTALLATION ( http://your_sendy_installation ) and BRAND ID of your Sendy instance.

      Hope, my answer helps.

  4. yesart

    I’ve tryed stamplia builder, but now I would like to delete my account. How can I do it??

    • Ankit

      Hello Yesart,

      You can ask Stamplia to delete your account.

  5. Matt

    As of end of September 2016 I believe Stamplia is out of business as their builder.stamplia.com is down.
    Does anyone know what might be going on, I couldn’t find a press release or anything.

  6. Kiana

    Hey, this seems great, I loved the idea of bringing drag and drop editor for sendy, i was waiting for this.Now finally its here 🙂

    • Ankit

      Welcome Kiana!

  7. andrew

    Stamplia site is down?

    • Ankit

      Hey Andrew, this is working.

  8. Fordine

    Hey Ankit, thanks for the new development. This is great. I am so excited to try this out and finally be able to create my own template.

  9. Churchill

    Sendy is really developing very fast. Every now and then, new things are coming. This is really great. So happy for the new development. Thanks Ankit for updating!

  10. Lawrence Ip

    Found this too… https://v1.beefree.io/index.aspx

  11. Lawrence Ip

    Okay then… Latest update. Instead of using version one of beefree.io (v1) just use https://beefree.io/ (you can sign up for an account) then all you need to do is head over to GitHub (thanks Linus) to this repo >> https://github.com/userexec/Sendy-BEE-free-Uploader. Here’s a link to the thread over at beefree.io (you’ll need to be signed in to read it) http://help.beefree.io/hc/en-us/community/posts/209455705-Integration-with-Sendy. Enjoy!

  12. Serge

    To make life easier for its customers, Sendy has an inbuilt CKeditor that can be used to create basic email templates.
    But the reality is that marketers, will no tech background, need something more easy to navigate, and more of a drag and drop editor to create email templates effortlessly. So the boss is in complete control and one doesn’t have to depend on vendors or an IT expert for making minor changes.

  13. Jesse Davis

    Every time you post something, it always has the sufficient information for the customers. I have got exactly what I looked for and this is appreciable. Sendy is a great replacement to the other email marketing sites. Keep going good luck.

  14. Harry Henderson

    The drag and drop editor makes it easy for us marketers to design an email template quickly and eliminate the dependency on IT team for the final touch. It is a very good initiative by Sendy to include the drag and drop responsive email editor.

  15. Henry Roberts

    This is a comprehensive and helpful list. Sendy definitely offers an extremely versatile drag and drop interface and we can build almost any email design with it, I have been using it since a few months now and I am in love with it.

  16. Carl Cooper

    Setting up an account with an email platform that offers modern and flexible custom email template editor is very important. It is very thoughtful of Sendy to comprise the drag and drop responsive email editor.

  17. Jeffrey Young

    Bee and Stamplia have similar creds. Like Stamplia, even Bee allows us to insert basic content to email by dragging and dropping (text, images, and social sharing buttons)

  18. Andrea Gonzalez

    Stamplia wasn’t as flexible as other Drag and Drop Responsive Email Editor but it was really easy to use. The module options were so simplistic and straightforward. Sad that it is no longer under operation!

  19. Jose Powell

    The convenient drag and drop email editor help us seamlessly edit our email templates.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a high input!

  20. Brandon Price

    An email template can be efficiently designed with the help of a drag and drop editor. Thanks to Sendy that it initiated this drag and drop responsive email editor.

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