It’s been more than 7 months since we started providing one click Sendy installation and Amazon SES / Mandrill integration service with hosted version of Sendy. Now, we have more than 180 businesses using this service in 42+ countries, to send email campaigns to their customers and clients. Along with this, we have also been helping our customers with great email marketing tips. If you haven’t read our previous posts regarding email marketing tips, then you can have a look at few of them here:

Get High Email Sending Speed with Sendy Email App

Adding more to this list of helpful blog posts, today, we are going to explain How to Get High Email Sending Speed with Sendy Email Application. Here are few important points that you can take note of, when you need high email sending speed with Sendy:

1. Email List Size

This is the top factor which hampers the email sending speed in Sendy. This happens mostly when you use Sendy to send emails to very large email list at one go. For example, if you are sending an email campaign to a list of 40,000 emails, then it will be slower compared to sending an email campaign to around 4,000 email subscribers. So, its always better to keep sending email campaigns one after the other, to the small email lists each time. This can be achieved by splitting your email list into small lists. You can have a read through this blog post, which explain about this process.

If you are an EasySendy user, then following these guidelines will be helpful:

  • On Standard Plan send an email campaign to small email lists of 4,000 email subscribers at a time.
  • On Professional Plan send an email campaign to small email lists of 6,000 email subscribers at a time.
  • On Professional Plus Plan send an email campaign to small email lists of 10,000 email subscribers in one go.
  • On Enterprise Plan send an email campaign to small email lists of 20,000 email subscribers at a time.
  • On Enterprise Plus Plan send an email campaign to small email lists of 40,000 email subscribers in one go.


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2. Setting Optimal Email Sending Speed

When you get all your Sendy setup done and start using the same, you need to adjust the email sending speed from Sendy settings page.  You can avail this option from top right corner of the Sendy dashboard. The default email sending speed setup in Sendy is 1 email per second.

Take note: It may be possible that you are have email sending speed of more than 25 emails per second in Amazon SES and same will be reflected in Sendy email sending speed option, but, the most optimal setting should be updated to 15 – 20 emails / second inside Sendy settings. On settings page if you add more email sending speed, then, overall outgoing email to Amazon SES will become slow.


You get this option when you use Amazon SES. However, this option will not appear when you use other SMTP providers like, Mandrill.

3. Email Template Size

In Sendy, email sending speed to Amazon SES / Mandrill server is also impacted by the size of email template which you use while sending an email campaign. If your email template size is about 8-15 Kb, then the email sending will be high compared to email template size of about 50-100 Kb.

4. Parallel Email Campaign Sending

Email sending speed also depends on the number of parallel email campaigns being processed in Sendy at a time. If you have more than one email campaign under process, then the email sending speed will also reduce.

Its definitely a good practice to complete single email campaign first, and then go ahead to sending next email campaign to the email list.


You should also note that if you have multiple clients inside your Sendy installation, and if more than one client is sending email campaign, then the email sending speed will be low.

5. High traffic on existing Sendy installation

This issue happens very rarely, but still is one of the reasons for slow email sending speed from Sendy. This happens mainly when you have sent an email campaign in which lot of clicks are happening on the links provided in the email content, and simultaneously you start sending out another campaign.

Since your server on which Sendy has been installed gets busy in processing the clicks on the links, your email sending speed of next campaign automatically gets impacted.

6. Using external SMTP other than Amazon SES

We have already explained how to configure an external SMTP server with Sendy in this post. We have also explicitly mentioned that Sendy officially supports only Amazon SES. Thus, when you are using external SMTP feature of Sendy, then Sendy does not run on multi-thread. So, consequently, it hampers the speed.


To overcome this issue, if you send emails to small email list at a time, then the speed will be more. This is what we have observed. For example, dividing the each email list in 5k list size, and then sending email campaigns one after another to a single email list, will result in faster email sending speed.

7. Optimization of Server on which Sendy is installed

In order to get better email sending speed, you need to tune and match “memory_limit” of the server, so that you can send emails at higher speed to Amazon SES / Mandrill server.

If you are an EasySendy customer, then please take note that we have the best optimal setup of “memory_limit” for your EasySendy Plan. So, you need not worry about this!

Keeping all these points in mind, it should now be an easy task for you to improve your email sending speed with Sendy application. For any query or help, we are always a click away!

Every user has their needs so it is not possible to offer exact server recommendations, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

  1. If you allocate half of your servers total RAM to MySQL, you will have optimal response.
  2. There two steps in campaign process : Preparing Subscribers and Sending. The Preparing Subscribers stage just figures out which subscribers should receive the campaign, and moves them into a separate temporary table in your database.
  3. There are ways to optimize these campaign process. Add more memory to server and even more memory to MySQL.

See if there is any way you can reduce the number of lists in your system. Also delete the lists or subscribers that no longer

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  1. Arya

    Does it support SSL?

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      Arya, not now.

  2. Nancy Perez

    Well, this was really helpful. Emails are a very important part of digital marketing and slow services are too annoying. I didn’t know that template size could also affect the mailing speed. This would surely help a lot of people.

  3. Douglas Davis

    This genuine clear-cut post about the speed that Sendy offers is really appreciable. Anyone would become restless if the mails are sent with a lesser speed. Also, this post gives a list of Dos and DON’Ts for experiencing the speedy delivery of mails.

  4. Andrew Richardson

    Hey great job here on EasySendy’s high email speed, an excellent illustrative post! I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me, thanks!

  5. Christina Bailey

    It is very important to optimize Email sending speed. But usually large or complex emails that contain a lot of HTML will take longer to send. So while uploading custom html emails we must ensure that it is clean, well-formed, and does not include any extraneous HTML that increases the size of the email.

  6. Joseph James

    Some of the many factors that affect email sending speed are Server hardware like the available RAM, processing speed, etc, Operating system that is Linux is typically faster when compared Windows in general, Message size and content as attachments and conditional content will consume some time.

  7. Laura Robinson

    The speed at which our Email Marketing software sends emails is actually reliant on the server’s available resources and configuration, of course along with several other contributing factors but email sending speed is also dependent on your MTA (mail server) and MTA configuration.

  8. Cynthia Brown

    The first step to improving overall performance (including sending speed, searching speed, page loading times, etc), is to optimize MySQL.

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    A well- written post about the high speed of EasySendy. Thanks a lot for updating its great features.

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