As we all know, EasySendy officially support Amazon SES and Mandrill with Setup and regarding this we wrote a post about Mandrill Setup with Sendy along with another post on how you can set-up Sendy to handle transnational emails with Amazon SES previously.

Now, when have a closer look inside Sendy Brand settings, then, you will come to know that, you can also use other SMTP services inside Sendy and can send emails from your favorite SMTP services. Yes, you can add other SMTP providers like, SendGrid, MailGun, MailJet and so on. Not only this, if you want, you can also add Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo SMTP gateways and start sending emails.

How to Configure External SMTP with Sendy:

If you want to set-up other SMTP service apart from Amazon SES, then, you need to follow following instructions:

Login to your Sendy dashboard.

Add new SMTP detail:

From dashboard click on the brand settings, where you will find SMTP settings.


On next screen, under “SMTP settings”, add correct Host, Port, SSL / TLS, Username and Password of your SMTP provider, and, finally save the setting.


Remove Amazon SES detail:

After this SMTP setting you should remove the “Amazon Web Services Credentials” from the Sendy settings, which you can avail from top right corner of Sendy Dashboard. Here, you should remove, AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key setting, and, finally hit save button. This step you need to do, if you have configured Amazon SES services with your Sendy previously.

Finally, remember to send a test email campaign from this brand. Also, you will have to do separate SMTP settings for each brand, in order to make email campaigns work smoothly.

Important Points to know before start using external SMTP:

  1. When you are configuring external SMTP with Sendy on EasySendy servers, first you should confirm that you are allowed to send outgoing emails from the email address which you use in “from field” of the email campaigns of Sendy. Sometimes, your SMTP provider may need you to verify the domain name, or email, or IP address, this depends on the SMTP server requirements.
  2. With external SMTP, multi-threading in Sendy is not supported, Sendy uses Amazon API to connect with Amazon SES services, so, sending speed is high. On external SMTP services, the email sending speed is low as compared to Amazon SES and bound to follow the sending speed rules of external SMTP.
  3. Bounces and complaints will also not be registered if you use external SMTP email service providers to send emails. If you are a customer of EasySendy, then, you can ask for Mandrill bounce and complaint file setup, because, EasySendy officially supports Mandrill.
  4. Other than Amazon SES, EasySendy officially support Mandrill SMTP which can be added to your Sendy installation and using this SMTP, you would be able to get bounce and complaint notifications smoothly inside the Sendy account.
  5. Inside Sendy you can use either Amazon SES or Mandrill at a time. Using both in parallel is not supported.


  1. Baadier Sydow

    Do you have a choice between only using SMTP or Amazon SES? Is this not changeable on a brand level?

    • Ankit

      Inside Sendy, you can either use Amazon SES or SMTP server under Brand Setting at a time.

  2. Swathi

    This write- up is completely technical and gives an in-depth study on how to configure SMTP with Sendy? The entire blog post has the steps written in a proper way so that is no confusion among the readers. Along with the style of writing the content is also interesting for the readers. One will definitely find this piece of writing better than other on the internet.

  3. Donna Nelson

    This was extremely helpful. I didn’t know about this email sending feature of Sendy earlier. Now I can easily use my Gmail account here for sending emails. The way you have compiled the whole information in this content is truly amazing. Great work.

  4. Jeffrey Young

    With Easy Sendy it is easier to add so many other SMTP providers. This step-by-step guide to configuring it is indeed helpful if we are new to using external STMPs.

  5. Mathew

    Is there an option where I can ask my customer (brand) to put their SMTP settings themselves?. I know I can do it myself in brand page settings. But sometimes they are reluctant to share their email username and password.

  6. Evelyn Walker

    Lots of excellent advice here, so clear and easy to follow. You have presented a useful illustrative guide, thanks!

  7. Rachel Flores

    Hey thanks for sharing this guide! Using an external service will help us to stay away from pitfalls like our server IP getting blacklisted by anti-spam services.

  8. Henry Roberts

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide, I was very much in need of this!

  9. Randy Sanchez

    This is neatly illustrated and easy to understand!

  10. Cynthia Brown

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful guide. Staying away from anti-spam services using an external service is essential.

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