Do you ever need to send out a company-wide email or get a new deal out to your customers quickly and efficiently?

How about sending out huge email marketing campaigns? If so, you may want to consider the fact that you need email marketing application like, Sendy. Sendy is a leading application in self-hosted email campaign management, the software app ensures quick delivery of emails and constantly upgrades its security systems to make sure all of your emails and your customer’s information are always secure.

Sendy integrated with Amazon SES makes a reliable combination such that the emails you need to send out in bulk, arrive to each and every person just as you intended. Further, Sendy integrates with Amazon SES, a SMTP gateway on the cloud. Amazon SES offer their users email sending service that is available at affordable prices compared to their competitors like, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun and more.


Sendy provides, email list management, email campaign design and sending email to the list of subscribers. Along with this you have auto list management, email scheduling and autoresponders. But to make Sendy work perfectly, you need to host it properly on a server where you must have PHP installed, mysqli extension, mod_rewrite, display_errors, hash, curl, gettext, curl_exec, and curl_multi_exec enabled. Along with all these you need to tune up server in such a way, which can send high number of emails per second to Amazon SES. Somehow, if you are not able to attain a smooth balance, then you will endup hitting Sendy troubleshoot page.

sendy server issues

Moreover, Sendy wants their customer to have a seamless experience, feeling safe and secure, while reaching thousands of people with email campaigns. But this to happen in reality, you must host Sendy in a way, so that your data remain safe and secure.

Getting started with Sendy Hosting:

So now we have deduced that you and your business could benefit from hosting Sendy on EasySendy Server, what’s the next step?

You have several plans to choose from depending on your needs and sending speed. Regardless of the plan you decide to use, first you must purchase the Sendy license which can be done from

For email marketers, spam complaints are indeed a major factor in determining inbox placement.

– Pradeep Mangalapalli at

The next step is to consider the plan that is right for you. No matter which plan you choose, EasySendy handles your Sendy installation, complain files and configures your bounce, complaint files in addition to setting up the DKIM records and Domain verification, plus constant mail support, combined with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

When it comes to high delivery of email campaigns, DKIM and SPF records are very important for sending domains.

– Ken Takahashi at ReturnPath

With one click, all of Sendy’s generic services become available for you to use. With the provided around the clock technical support, you are never left on your own to deal with any technical issue which gives you the peace of mind knowing they will always take care of any potential technical issues you may encounter in a timely manner.

EasySendy Hosting Options:

The Standard Yearly Sendy Setup plan cost starts at a low $19 a month with, free installation charge. This plan has a 15-20 batch emails/ second mail delivery speed, up to 100,000 subscribers (recipients), but with unlimited lists, forms, and campaigns. This means you can send emails at 15-20 mails per second.

The Standard Monthly Plan is labeled as “monthly plan” and is available for $29 monthly and always with free installation. The email sending capacity will vary from 15-20 emails per second.

easysendy enterprise plan

The largest and fastest available plan is the Enterprise with 1.5x mail delivery speeds and up to 2,000,000 subscribers. The Enterprise runs at $49 a month and also always comes with free installation, upgrade option from professional plan. Email sending speed varied between 20 to 30 emails per second.

For those businesses needing to get emails to more than 200,000 subscribers, Sendy Managed Hosting can also do that, just shoot them an email, letting them know what you need and they will quickly respond to you with a quote. Now that you have all the information, it is up to you to determine which plan will best benefit your business.

A break-down of some unique services :

Have we mentioned how easy, Sendy makes managing your marketing email campaigns? With the report function that is part of any plan, you get a breakdown of your subscribers’ numbers. You can see exactly how many subscribers you have in any given month and how many people have bounced or unsubscribed, this also happens automatically. This service is enabled through cron job, which is available pre-configured on EasySendy.

In addition to sending marketing emails, Sendy also provides its users with an easy to use auto-responder, complete with support, if needed. Hear too, EasySendy enabled cron jobs by default for autoresponders and email campaign schedulers.

Support Key
EasySendy has two strong teams of both data security professionals and system engineers that are constantly working to make your experience with them as easy as possible and are always working to improve and expand what they have to offer.

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