Email marketing is one of the most favorite tools for digital marketing. Its popularity has significantly been contributed by its effectiveness in reaching a huge number of people within the shortest time possible otherwise called mass communication. One of the most traditional practices with email marketing is using the email to send an update of the products or services you are offering to your clients and customers.

Why are emails favourite for marketers?

There are many reasons for this, but some of the most popular reasons are the fact that emails are often personalized for the end user. This means that implicit and explicit user information is collected to create a content delivery framework which not only manipulates the information represented to the user but how it is also presented. Secondly, most business people visits their emails frequently than any other means of communications.


Emails can also be used to carry out campaigns among business users. For instance, if we look at business customers, you will realize that they also have a buying power hence emails become a real opportunity for marketers. Emails are also the most reliable means of online campaigns given the fact that they have all the necessary reports and stats like email open rate, email click rate, email complaint rate, and unsubscribe stats.

Growing size of online business and email list Online business grows fast, and the same applies to the customers registered on the website for product and service updates and all those registered to buy the products. If you have a proper marketing strategy and execution, there are higher chances that the email list will consequently grow beyond 1000, 10,000 and even 100,000 very quickly.

Here in this post, we’ll take a look at a scenario that shows just how you get the most efficient solution for your email campaigns with self-hosted email marketing solution.

Starting email updates with solutions like Aweber, Bert runs a very successful e-commerce website, feels there is a requirement of sending relevant offer updates to the subscribers and very first email service he chose was Aweber. This email service made him feel comfortable since they had email list management ability and creating emails campaigns was also easy. Bert started using this email service when his email list used to be small and during this time, he was mostly cautious about the email template designs.


However, as soon as the traffic started growing, the email subscribers also started building and within no time, Aweber email subscription started moving from one subscriber plan to the other. Consequently, he ended up paying more than $69 regarding monthly recurring subscriptions which after some time started affecting and restricting expenses on email marketing. Also, he was worried that if his email list crosses 10,000 email subscribers, then, he will have to pay $149 per month. The other thing that also came to his notice is the fact that email communications take a long time with lead to nature relationship with business. Therefore, he went out to look for new solutions.

Analyzing the available email marketing solution During his search for email marketing solutions that can not only support high volume email subscribers but can also charge according to the volume of the emails which he plans to send per month, he came across technology solutions such as Mandrill, SendGrid, and Mailgun among others. However, as he researched more, he realized that he needed more technology to set up over these regular SMTP servers to start sending the email to his subscribers.

While still doing his further explorations, he came across Ariticmail, which happened to be a new email service provider in the market. Ariticmail has email subscriber plans starting from 10,000 to 100,000 with email add-ons. They looked convincing and for a moment he was tempted to shift to this service but again considering the rate at which his emails were growing, he realized that within 5–8 months they will not be able to manage his ever growing email list. Bert and his team, therefore resorted for a long term solution that can easily sustain their ever growing email list.


Once again, they came across another SMTP service from Amazon called Simple Email Service. Compared to the other SMTP services that they had seen earlier like Mandrill, SendGrid, and MailGun, Simple Email Service (SES) looked more reliable and their price was also reasonable. They charged $10 for 100,000 emails. The other thing that boosted their confidence in this SMTP is the reliability of the Amazon infrastructure. Bert, therefore, decided they should take the Amazon Email Service and get an application set up over this SMTP.

While searching for an ideal solution that can support Amazon SES for sending email campaigns, they came across many solutions such as phpList, Mailman, Openemm and software application that can run on PC, which was not satisfying. Later on, Bert bumped into Sendy, which he could integrate with Amazon SES and supported Amazon SES carefully. This setup was not to be used directly. To maximize its effectiveness, he needed to install the Sendy script on the server and then have it integrated with companies Amazon SES account.


Making Sendy Installation Easy with EasySendy Sendy Hosting Service, after doing more research, Bert and team find our service, EasySendy. EasySendy explained how Sendy installation and Amazon SES integration support for the new customers is done. They also got to learn that Amazon SES imposes email sending limit on per hour email sent and emails sent on a daily basis.

Bert went ahead and bought a Sendy license for his domain name for $59. They also created an account at Amazon SES and placed an order at EasySendy for a Professional Plus Plan for $49. Within few hour, our support configures the server and sent an email about the updates which needed to be made in the domain name, where Sendy will be available. Support team later verified and confirmed the setup. Sooner than Bert and team had expected, Sendy Instance was created. Bert was glad about the speed at which EasySendy support worked around.

amazon aws partner

Later on, Bert plugged in the Amazon SES, new Sendy credentials and the Sendy license into the Sendy starter page and started with their emailing solution at own domain name. After this, their team created the brand and uploaded the email of 10k in one shot and went ahead to upload an email campaign which was sent to the existing email address. Being satisfactory, the team went ahead and sent the email campaign to the newly uploaded email list. Everything was perfect.

After a few hours, the team checked the sent email campaign report and collected all the data including the email open rate, click rate, unsubscribe and spam. It was good news, they had a very small bounce, unsubscribe and no spam complaints.

Why Bert preferred a self-hosted email marketing solution? Bert preferred this self-hosted email marketing solution since they were interested in having complete control over their data and files for the sake of analysis. It is a good thing Sendy has not let them down since they were able to export all the email campaigns and reports. Moreover, the team also realized that when they have their email marketing solution on own domain name, their customers feel secure clicking on the links appearing in the email content.

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In conclusion, Bert and team are quite happy using EasySendy service and Sendy, also, have not disappointed them as a service provider and Amazon SES. Currently, Bert and team are making plans to check and compare the email open rates on Mandrill server. For this particular one, they have the plan to try EasySendy integration of Mandrill with Sendy.

PS: I wrote this note on behalf of one of our client who is using EasySendy Sendy Hosting service for past few months.


  1. Siara

    I appreciate this. This is very true; email marketing is very important for every marketer .Among all marketing strategies my favourite is email marketing, it gives business leads, brand awareness and so on.

  2. Vishal

    That’s very nice post.I agree with your point that email marketing is a favourite strategy to email marketers.Self-hosted technique will turn a great technique in terms of E-Commerce.

    • Ankit

      Yes, for e-commerce email marketing; this solution works best!


    This blog will make you understand that why e-mail servicing is always an option for e-commerce services. The blog is a well-defined write-up and more or less every detail is highlighted over here for a better understanding. The content in this blog is a little bit broad yet the points are very much justified and important for the readers to know. This is called a well-drafted blog document.

  4. Emily Clark

    This exactly defines the importance of e-mails in the field of digital marketing. We can reach the maximum no. of people through e-mails and also, they are often personalised for the end users. I really appreciate the way you have explained the content.

  5. Linda Phillips

    With self-hosted email marketing solution, definitely we get an efficient solution for the email campaigns. Email is every marketer’s favorite indeed.

  6. Jeremy Hughes

    Thanks a ton for sharing tangible and worthwhile facts with us! Email is an effective way to keep customers informed and also it’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics hence emails are no doubt a favorite for marketers.

  7. Ralph Diaz

    Actually, I have read that switching to a self-hosted email marketing platform will possibly will save a business. Self-hosted platforms allow us to get lots of control over the digital retail business, and we can personalize our store just the way we like.

  8. Amanda Green

    Usually the large business with a dedicated IT team benefit from Self-hosted platform. Because you have to pay all the expenses drawn in in setting up your online business, so you need some generous budget to get it all started.

  9. Samuel Perry

    To completely optimize your digital store, you need some basic understanding of e-commerce applications, including security and fraud issues or else you will usually struggle with self-hosted platforms.

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