Marketing is the backbone of business. Over the recent past, there has been a struggle to come up with effective online marketing strategies. Among these strategies is email marketing. However, email marketing has proven to grow very fast and has greater returns associated with it compared to the likes of social media marketing. This is due to the ability of the email sender to communicate directly with the potential customers. Email templates are designed in such a way that it can easily attract conversion, directly from the email campaign.

SendBlaster vs Sendy

With the introduction of cloud server infrastructures that are quickly replacing the traditional era of PC software, there is need to introduce new ways of utilizing them. Cloud server infrastructures are cheaper to run, they are faster, they are more tolerant to fault and secure compared to traditional PC software. The cloud infrastructure being virtually unlimited and cheap, we have a larger platform to communicate. Email sending now does not have to be expensive. In this blog, we are going to look at two bulk email sending software, out of which, one runs on PC and another on cloud infrastructure.

SendBlaster – Mass Email Software for PC

SendBlaster is email software used to manage bulk mailing lists. This is specifically tailored to meet the email marketing campaign strategy with just few steps. It combines to become one product that is mass email software. Inside which, you can create a newsletter and manage contacts directly from a desktop as you still get the services of email tracking that handles reporting to improve email campaign. What email tracking does is that it collects reports on the efficiency of the emails send such that if they have been clicked.


The SendBlaster software has its latest version SendBlaster 3 that has many amazing features. There are two downloadable versions; the free email sender and a professional software version which does not have subscription fees. You just pay a single lifetime license. Another amazing feature that comes with sendblaster 3 is a 15 day money back guarantee in case the user does not feel like it is meeting his needs. This is just proving for quality on the software distributor’s side.

SendBlaster runs on PC

Mass email campaign does not need to be expensive. It should be easy to handle on a desktop as well as keep your emails private. The whole email marketing strategy based on a trusted customer-seller relationship and SendBlaster builds, keeps and improves this relationship.

Design Email Templates from PC

This software allows you to compose attractive emails that create conversions hence real profit. The email templates are categorically sorted for you to easily choose a correct one. You can purchase a professionally tailored template made by SendBlaster email marketing experts and web designers.


SendBlaster has customizable web forms

Since, emails should be sent to people who only have allowed you to do so, SendBlaster makes it easy for you to obtain opt-in permission based addresses. It allows you to customize web forms that make a user subscribe by performing just a few clicks. The collected data can then be analyzed so that subscribers receive messages they have subscribed to.

Links can be tracked with Google Analytics

Finally, SendBlaster allows for data analysis in conjunction with Google analytics too. You will be able to know if customers decided to purchase a product after reading your email, if they subscribed to your services or any other action they took. Moreover, SendBlaster allows you to track your campaign and also check emails open rate, the rate of clicks and any other statistics.


One thing you will love with SendBlaster is the ability to send emails to large email lists. Just by a few clicks, innumerable messages can be sent to multiple recipients. It is reliable when it comes to presetting scheduled actions and completing previously disrupted actions. You can also manage the email sending speed.

Price: Single license of SendBlaster costs $129 and charges of emails sent. Email editor and Email Template collection comes at extra price.

Sendy – A Self-hosted MailChimp Alternative in Cloud

Sendy is an email newsletter app that allows you to send emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) or Mandrill email relay servers. This means you can send bulk authenticated emails without sacrificing email delivery ability at crazily low prices. And, there is no need for installation on PC or computer.


Features of Sendy

Among the features of Sendy, it has ability to add Multiple brands, add multiple Lists & subscribers, Send newsletters via Amazon SES, Beautiful reports, Automatic bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling, Custom fields for list, Autoresponders and also Give your client access, in case you want to create separate login for your company departments or external team.

Price: $59 for a license of single domain name.

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Setting up Sendy

Sendy set up itself is little tricky to install. Building its mysql database, configuring its settings and uploading to get it work on the server is not easy. You may run into errors like problems with MySQL, error editing configuration php file, problems uploading files to the server, missing PHP extensions among others.

About Amazon SES email relay for SendBlaster and Sendy

To send emails through Amazon SES, you need to use Amazon SES API or SMTP interface it is the most protocol of sending emails on the internet. It takes only three steps to be able to send emails.

amazon ses

First, you create SMTP credentials using Amazon SES service in a region. Second, you configure SendBlaster to your Amazon SES SMTP credentials and lastly you can send your emails through the SES SMTP Interface.

Whereas, incase of Sendy, it uses Amazon Web API and the integration process includes configuration of Amazon SES, Amazon SNS and Sendy settings.

Amazon SES is quite affordable compared to other email sending services. Mailchimp costs $200 per 10,000 emails. Campaign monitor costs $105 per 10,000 emails while amazon SES costs $1 per 10,000 emails.

EasySendy Makes installation and integration process easy

However, a simple way to resolve this installation issue is by use our service EasySendy, it enables you to host and install Sendy in 1 click on cloud server. And, EasySendy support team helps you to integrate Amazon SES / Mandrill SMTP server easily with the hosted version of Sendy. Here are few of the features of EasySendy –

  • Pre-installed Sendy ( Just purchase Sendy License and add to hosted Sendy )
  • Preconfigured crons job for scheduling
  • Sendy API ready
  • Dedicated IP
  • Existing Plug and play license
  • Pre-configured cron job for autoresponder
  • Unlimited brands and campaigns
  • Secure and trusted server
  • 27/7 email support
  • 99.9 % up time guarantee

EasySendy Price: Starts at $19 per month.

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SendBlaster vs Sendy

SendBlaster vs Sendy

Though Sendy and SendBlaster are both bulk email sending software, there are differences between the two. These differences include:

  • Sendblaster has two downloadable versions; the free email sender and the professional version that you pay for once. SendBlaster is install-able on PC or Computer. While Sendy has only one version and can be configured on cloud server. This gives Sendy huge advantage over SendBlaster.
  • Sendblaster does not have installation complexity where you need external service to aid in installation like Sendy needs EasySendy to install and integrate. Although, this look tricky, but, service like EasySendy take away all your tech struggles. So, you don’t have to worry about the technology process, you can just focus of sending and improving email campaigns.
  • Sending email through SendBlaster has speed limitations, which is controlled by the PC or computer on which it has been installed. Whereas, in case of Sendy, the speed of sending email can be controlled and improved, by upgrading the EasySendy plan to high speed server. So, on SendBlaster, email speed can start from 1 email per second whereas, over EasySendy server, emails are sent at 15-20 emails per second.
  • Sendblaster has customized templates that are sold at extra cost to users while Sendy does not sell any templates to users. But yes, there are many templates available for Sendy, which can be used to send email campaigns. You can find some free email templates here and can also use online drag and drop editor from Stamplia, which also support Sendy.
  • You can access your Sendy anytime from anywhere using your your mobile device having internet whereas this can’t be done with SendBlaster, until and unless you have good internet speed to connect your PC remotely.

Once you buy Sendy, you get a onetime lifetime license and get access to a pre-installed Sendy application.  With the current state of over dependence on email marketing, Sendy is going to become the future of email marketing. Just with EasySendy and easy installation, you can enjoy send large volume emails at very affordable price.


  1. Virginia Alexander

    Sendy can be easily installed as it has only one version and in the case of sendblaster, we have to download two different versions where one is paid and another is free of cost. Hence, undoubtedly Sendy is an easier option over sendblaster.

  2. Joyce Campbell

    The thing that attracts most of marketers about Sendy is its price tag, ofcourse after the amazing features it comes with. Sendy is definitely a better option compared to SendBlaster according to me.

  3. Susan Murphy

    This comparison brought about the differences between SendBlaster and Sendy and also enlightened us about the features of Sendy. I must state that I am already in love with Sendy, thanks for sharing this is a wonderfully described post!

  4. Ann Garcia

    After reading this post, I am convinced to try out Sendy once, since I have been using SendBlaster since a few months. Thanks for sharing this in-depth comparison.

  5. Cynthia Brown

    This is a comprehensive comparison, I like the fact that you have not been biased towards Sendy in this blog post but instead you gave the actual feature list of both the softwares and appreciated all the features that SendBlaster comes with.

  6. Betty Bennett

    I have used both of these softwares and EasySendy is more user friendly than SendBlaster.

  7. Joseph James

    Email marketing services and tools allows us to get the maximum ROI achievable by automating our workflows, tracking opens, clicks, and replies, and help us gain more mailing list subscribers.

  8. Sean Baker

    Reading the comprehensive comparison between SendBlaster and Sendy is interesting.

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