A perfect Sendy installation is a complex process that can make a huge difference to your email marketing. If you rely on email marketing and newsletters, you know that sending emails to prospects and leads can become expensive quickly. Services like MailChimp offer value, but there is no way to beat the low costs you will enjoy with Sendy and Amazon SES.

All about Amazon SES Service:

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is part of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) platform. AWS keeps a very tight rein on any possible abuse of the system, and provides the best options for sending mass emails out there. However, the SES system leaves something to be desired in terms of user friendliness and technical support. This is where Sendy comes in.

Sendy works with SES, using multi-threading to send as many emails as you need without the hassle of host email limits. SES offers a high rate of deliverability and a solid reputation on which you build your email marketing campaigns. It is also the most affordable service on the market, costing only $1 per 10,000 emails.

amazon ses made simple

Sendy – A complete email marketing solution:

Sendy is a self-hosted email application that takes a realistic, user-friendly, and cost effective approach to provide email marketing and ability to send newsletters. Sendy installation is a tricky process, and when it is completed you have inhouse ongoing support for any technical difficulties you might have.

Sendy allows you to achieve high deliverability by sending bulk emails in a regulated, well-managed format. There are wide range of features that make this application extremely good value for money. Sendy allows you to organise multiple client services into “brands”: groups that allow for independent email management. Within each brand it is very easy to manage lists and subscribers with Sendy’s clear layout. There is a range of tools, including custom fields, a subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, and API for managing subscribers, among many other things.

custom subscriber list

When it comes to dealing with the more negative side of email marketing, Sendy makes life much easier. Bounces, unsubscribes, and complaints are all handled automatically. You can see the results, positive and negative, of every campaign with Sendy’s report function, making it easy to plan ongoing campaigns and improve deliverability over time.

automated subscriber management

This application also allows for high levels of drip campaign deliverability. It is straightforward to set up campaigns and autoresponders on the Sendy platform, ensuring you stay top-of-mind for your subscribers.

Why Do You Need EasySendy for High Email Delivery?

EasySendy is the Sendy hosting service optimized to work perfectly with Sendy application. It offers high-speed service, exceptional cloud security, high email sending speed and full setup with Amazon SES. Unlike most hosting services, EasySendy fully integrates with Sendy platform in cloud.

You can also check our post on Best Email Marketing Practices with Amazon SES & Sendy.

If you opt for EasySendy setup alongside your purchase of a Sendy license, you get numerous useful features to work automatically. These include unlimited campaigns, brands, and image hosting, so you never have to pare down campaigns or reduce the number of brands and groups you work with. EasySendy also provides you with a pre-installed Sendy platform for maximum convenience, database optimization, and full backup of your database and files.


In addition to all of the above features, choosing complete Sendy installation package offers you setup of Amazon Route 53 DNS, domain verification, and setup of your DKIM and SPF records. EasySendy support also help with bounces and complaints file integration with Amazon SES and Simple Notification Service (SNS)and hosed Sendy, which can be tiresome process when done manually.

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EasySendy hosting plan has 3 options. For $19 a month you get the monthly service plus paid/ free installation for a limited period. This Standard hosting plan works with a medium volume of emails, allowing you 100,000 subscribers. The Professional package has higher speed and allows up to 200,000 subscribers, plus monthly use and ongoing free installation, for $49 per month.

Numerous reviewers agree that Sendy is a great option with good value for money, including Indivly Magic and Code Theory. If you want to boost your email deliverability without breaking the bank, Sendy with EasySendy are the obvious choices. Sign up now and see just how far email marketing can take you.

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  1. Curtis Patrick

    Absolutely, I tried your service, all did my troubleshoot and now my emails are getting to improve email open rates. It took 4 weeks and now open rate is going high.

    • Ankit

      Keep going 🙂

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    Email delivery is very important factor to email marketing, there are few services who genuinely provide good results.I am glad you are one among them.

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    Thanks for sharing the blog. Sending bulk emails are one of the main concerns in the present world of email marketing. This is where I feel Sendy comes in. One of the reasons that I use this tool is that this tool keeps the ability to send bulk emails. Therefore, I feel this is the best tool for sending bulk emails at a greater speed.

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    Thank for so much information about Sendy installation. I feel more prepared to use it now. I understand that it can make a big difference to our email marketing and handle large volumes of emails. It also extremely affordable, costing only $1 per 10,000 emails. Thank you for this wonderful piece, Ankit.

  6. Irene Jones

    Amazon SES (simple email service) is an amazing service providing a high-speed email delivery to a large number of subscribers. Sendy is a great alternative to all the expensive email marketing services as it cost only $1 per 10000 emails which is outstanding.

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    There is no doubt that Sendy is extremely a good value for money and a complete email marketing solution. One thing I enjoy about this is its feature to send bulk emails at a greater speed. I would definitely recommend this tool for any kind of businesses.

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    This is a wonderfully written post! Certainly by integrating Amazon SES with EasySendy makes it possible for us to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

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    EasySendy is the perfect answer if we want to achieve high inbox email delivery which equates to greater opens, clicks, as well as conversion rates. I have been using it and it works aamazingly!

  10. Martha Wright

    Amazon SES notifies you of hard bounces and soft bounces that will no longer be retried. Nevertheless, only hard bounces add up towards the bounce rate and the bounce metric that you retrieve using the Amazon SES console.

  11. Terry Bryant

    To maximize email deliverability, we need to first understand email delivery issues, actively take steps to reduce them, stay up to date of the status of the emails that we send, and thus improve the email campaign.

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    Amazon SES is a reliable, cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes that use email to keep in contact with their customers.

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