Over past few weeks, there have been many new version upgrades which have been done from Sendy email marketing application team; a few hours back the team has released major new version 2.1.0 which has default Two-factor authentication along with many more features.

With this new version release, Sendy has also added this new feature where you can automatically add and verify a new email address in your Amazon SES account from Sendy panel only. Also, they added support to automatically configure bounce complaint files for each email address/ domain name. With this feature to work, you will have to give AmazonSNSFullAccess policy to your Amazon account.

You can refer the new guide from here: https://sendy.co/get-started

Release notes of version 2.1.0- (via https://sendy.co/get-updated)

  • Added Two-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of security when signing in to Sendy! You can setup two-factor authentication in your main settings. Your clients can also setup two-factor authentication for their own ‘Brand’ accounts. Should your clients have difficulty logging in via two-factor authentication due to any reasons, you have the ability to disable two-factor authentication for them via the brand’s settings at any time.

Two-factor authentication

There are many ‘Two-factor authentication’ mobile apps available in the market for free that can be used with services that supports 2FA like Amazon, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook etc. The most common is ‘Google Authenticator’. The following are links to Google Authenticator app for both iOS and Android:

Google Authenticator:
iOS → https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/google-authenticator/id388497605?mt=8

Android → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2&hl=en

  • Sendy will now automatically send a verification request to Amazon SES to verify your ‘From‘ email address while you’re at the ‘Define recipients‘ page if you did not verify the ‘From‘ email address. All you need to do is click on the confirmation link in the email that Amazon sent you to verify your ‘From’ email. There is no longer a need to visit your Amazon SES console to verify your ‘From‘ email address.
    When creating or editing a brand, if you typed in a ‘From email’ that isn’t verified in your Amazon SES console, you’ll now be shown two options. The first would be to click a link to send a verification email to the ‘From email’ address. The second is a link to verify the ‘From email’s domain.
  • Sendy will now automatically setup ‘Bounces’ and ‘Complaints’ SNS topics and subscriptions, including setting the bounce/complaint ’Notification’ topics for the campaign’s ’From email’ and/or its domain when attempting to send a campaign. Meaning, you can skip Step 7 & 8 of the Get Started Guide completely as Sendy will perform these steps automatically for you!
  • You’d need to attach AmazonSNSFullAccess policy to your existing IAM user in your IAM console for this to work (see Step 5.7 of the Get Started Guide).
  • Password reset email is now sent via Amazon SES only after verifying that the main login email address is “Verified” in the Amazon SES console. Otherwise the password reset email will be sent via the server.
    Automatically populate the email text field in ‘Forgot email‘ modal window with email address entered in login form when clicking ‘Forgot password’. This saves you from re-entering the login email address again in the ‘Forgot password’ form when requesting to reset your password.
  • Automatically focus on email field on login page
  • More precise error messages for failure to get Amazon SES quotas
    Show actual error message returned by Amazon SES when using ‘Test send this campaign‘ function in ‘Define recipients’ page
  • A modal window will be displayed with troubleshooting instructions if the campaign is in ‘Preparing’ status for more than 5 minutes
  • Better and more precise error messages throughout the app

If you are EasySendy Sendy Hosting Customer then to get the latest version, you should request the from here: support@easysendy.com

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