Amazon has one of the most reliable web infrastructure service for business, and, for past many years many of the businesses have started migrating their IT infrastructure with Amazon Web Services. Some of the most popular AWS services include, EBS, EC2, SQS, S3 Bucket, and RDS instances. But, apart from all these services, we also have Amazon Simple Email Service, which is email relay SMTP server. This email relay service is available with Amazon Web Services for a long time, but very few of the business have taken deeper interest in deploying and using this email service.

Set-up Transactional Emails with Amazon SES Sendy

Amazon Simple Email Service which is also known as Amazon SES provides facility to businesses in various ways. Using this service you can send Transaction emails which includes emails for user registration, password change notification emails and so on. Not only this, using external solutions like Sendy, you can also send marketing emails to a large list of opt-in email subscribers at once. But, did you know you can also use Sendy for transaction emails configured with Amazon SES gateway?

Yes. Initially, Sendy was made for this purpose only which made use of Sendy API to trigger emails and send to the list of customers. By default, it is little difficult for anyone to use Amazon SES, because it doesnot have many features like, storing email templates, personalization tags and so on. Basically, Amazon SES is a raw email sending gateway, which you can use according to your requirements.

Sendy for Amazon SES Transactional Email

Once you are done with Set-up of Sendy with EasySendy – Sendy installation and integration service for Amazon SES, you can start using Sendy for transactional emails. In order to send transactional emails, you should first start with creating custom fields inside the email list. These are some of the fields which will be required according to your business requirements and these will be used as variable tags while calling and sending transactional emails.


After you are done with defining custom fields inside the email list, you can go ahead create required email templates. You should use necessary tags inside the email template in order to make the email look personalized. Once you are done with the editing of the template, just save it in the gallery.

You can use drag and drop email editor for designing email templates, or can also use some of these free email templates.


After you have defined both custom field and email templates, now you can start integrating Sendy API with your application or service. Using Sendy API, you can Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Get Subscription status, and also get to know the Active subscriber count in a particular email list. Moreover, using API you can also create email campaigns.

You can refer to this Sendy Documentation for using features of Sendy API.

Now, you know how easy is it to use Amazon SES gateway and Sendy API to enable transactional email service at most affordable price of $1 for 10,000 emails. Apart from transactional emails, you can use Sendy Autoresponder to automatically schedule Birthday or Anniversary emails. Sendy Autoresponder can also be used to scheduling user onboarding emails and tutorial email sequences. Moreover, you can also give access for Sendy to your Marketing team and they can easily organize email marketing campaigns.

All in all, Sendy can be used for all kind of transactional, autoresponder email drip campaigns as well as marketing emails.

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  1. Marzio

    How do i remove a contact from prospects list when he buys?

    • Ankit

      Hello Marzio,

      You can easily unsubscribe their email from the email list management panel of Sendy.

  2. Megan

    This is an interesting blog post for many readers. It gives you a detailed study on the aspect of Amazon as the most reliable web services. The entire write-up will give you a clear picture on how to work with Amazon. All the steps are framed with proper facts for a better understanding. This post will also enhance the people to start using this web server for e-mail marketing. Along with details, this post is also very much engaging and intriguing.

  3. Michelle Baker

    SES or the simple email service by Amazon is a great service for business promotions. Though Amazon SES is a raw email service which s not accessible for everyone. Using sendy with SES can be an easier option. The article clearly explains the advantages and procedure of using sendy as a transaction email option.

  4. Martha Wright

    Using Easy Sendy for transaction emails configured with Amazon SES gateway would give us a lot of advantages. This guide to set up transactional Emails with Amazon SES & Sendy is really helpful. Thanks!

  5. Bobby Howard

    I must mention your blog post has presented lots of high-quality guidance. Transactional emails typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and hence as a result have very high open rates.

  6. Donald Williams

    Sendy will help us in sending traceable bulk emails or newsletters or transactional emails using the highly reliable Amazon SES service. Also we can send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing on the deliverability.

  7. Samuel Perry

    Transactional emails are apt for you if you are maintaining subscription or membership-based lists of contacts and you want to send relationship-based emails to high-volumes of recipients.

  8. Ernest Thomas

    Yes automated sending of emails can be attainable by easily integrating with SMTP Transactional API to automatically send commerce receipts, account updates, and other system emails.

  9. Joseph James

    I have come across a transactional email delivery system that you provide, Aritic Mail. I think it does give a neck to neck competition for Amazon SES and Sendy.

  10. Laura Robinson

    Using the highly reliable Amazon SES service, Sendy helps in sending traceable bulk emails or newsletters or transactional emails. Thanks a lot for updating the complete guide.

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