Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale ~ David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing.

Email Marketing campaigns being the an important component in digital marketing, Sendy has emerged as one of the robust email marketing application for marketers and businesses. While Sendy is garnering attention as an email marketing application, EasySendy is already serving more than 150 businesses. EasySendy provides an email marketing solution service which is completely whitelabel, combined with integration support with Amazon SES / Mandrill email relay server. It also gives flexibility to businesses in paying for the number of emails that are being sent out on a monthly basis. Thus, it is collectively helping businesses and marketers to save on volume email marketing.


Along with email marketing campaigns, Sendy also has inbuilt autoresponder which enables online marketers to make email sequence and schedule them according to the requirement of email deliveries. Most of the time, these drip email campaigns are pre-scheduled and are delivered to the email list, as soon an email comes into the specified email list.

For the Sendy Autoresponder to work properly, EasySendy instances run cron jobs automatically, so that the email gets delivered on time to the scheduled subscribers. Hence, EasySendy customers never face any issues with Sendy Autoresponder, and thus, timely email deliveries are achieved. Moreover, with EasySendy Plan, you can easily add as many email addresses as you want and setup more than one autoresponder at a time.

With all these Autoresponder features in Sendy, we are going to compare the prices of current Email Autoresponder services, which are available in the market. To do this comparison, we are going to take the following email autoresponder services: MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Madmini and iContact.

In this comparison, we are going to compare the prices of sending emails to 1500 subscribers with 12 emails per month. Also, we will include the recurring charges which are applied.

On Sendy, the charge of emails will be 1500*12 = 18,000 email per month = $1.8 on Amazon SES.
Recurring charge of EasySendy Standard Plan = $19 per month.
Total charge on EasySendy = $19 + $1.8 = $20.8 per month

Mailchimp vs Sendy Autoreponder

  • Mailchimp charges $150 per month for 1500 email subscribers.
  • Using Sendy you will pay only $20.8 per month

Aweber vs Sendy Autoreponder

  • Aweber charges $149 per month for 1500 email subscribers.
  • With Sendy you will pay only $20.8 per month

GetResponse vs Sendy Autoreponder

  • GetResponse charges $105 per month for 1500 email subscribers.
  • It’s just $20.8 per month with Sendy

MadMini vs Sendy Autoreponder

  • MadMini charges $59 per month for 1500 email subscribers.
  • Using Sendy you will pay only $20.8 per month

iContact vs Sendy Autoreponder

  • iContact charges $109 per month for 1500 email subscribers.
  • Using Sendy you will pay only $20.8 per month

*We have ignored Sendy License charge which is $59 and EasySendy setup charge, which is $30. These charges are not recurring, so, we kept them aside.


Moreover, the EasySendy plans do not limit you to add only 1500 email subscribers. You can add upto 100,000 email subscribers on EasySendy standard plan and start setting up autoresponders. Using Sendy Autoresponder you can setup drip email campaign and annual reminder for subscribers too.

Here are some of the most used Email Autoresponders which email marketers make in order to save time:

  • Welcome email with training
  • Organize free mini-course
  • Paid course or product training
  • Introduce readers to your archives
  • Upsell product or service
  • Showcase what you do with email updates
  • Date Trigger – Wish users on their birthdays and anniversary

Also, you can refer to this very useful guide from Matt, which can help you in getting started with Sendy Autoresponder: Creating a welcome series (drip campaign) for your Sendy newsletter.

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  1. Dennis

    The price comparison are absolutely meaningful. But, you should also consider the stability of services like Mailchimp, Aweber and GetResponse like platforms. Sendy is very new compared to all, and, it solves only basic problem of sending emails at large scale and low price.

    • Ankit

      Hey Dennis, you are absolutely with about the email app stability with Mailchimp, Aweber and GetResponse. We are working on to make Sendy installation and uses very smooth with EasySendy 🙂

  2. Marcus

    This write up is about the concept of auto-responder e-mails with Sendy. Over here you will find a comparison study done with Sendy auto responder and the other application like Madmini, I contact, Aweber etc. The content in this blog is quite interesting and people should give a read. The language which is used is quite simple for all to understand at the first reading.

  3. Arthur Barnes

    Autoresponder email services like MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse etc. are definitely effective but the prices are too high and not everyone could use these services at such high prices. The comparison provided in the content should be useful for many people.

  4. Robert Wilson

    It looks like Easy Sendy is providing an economical Email Autoresponder services compared to others which are available in the market. Thanks for giving us a fair comparison of services so that we can choose the best one at a reasonable cost.

  5. Rebecca Martinez

    A very constructive article, Thanks a ton for sharing tangible and worthwhile facts with us. Also, I must mention your blog post has presented lots of high-quality guidance. Email Autoresponder is the lazy marketer’s best Friend 😉

  6. Frances Rogers

    Yes, I agree that Auto-responders play a very important role in Email Marketing and newsletter broadcasting. One of the benefits is that we can send emails or updates to the subscribers automatically without the need to login to the email account.

  7. Ernest Thomas

    Autoresponder plays a major role in the success of an email marketing campaign. It also saves a lot of time by completely automating the way we communicate with our customers.

  8. Joseph James

    Auto responder helps us to plan everything according to our needs and requirements. It also improves branding and personalization. Major advantage is that it is simple and easy to use.

  9. Patricia Lopez

    EasySendy is offering a cost-effective solution for email autoresponder services as compared to others which are available in the market. Thanks for updating the comprehensive comparison.

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