In one of our previous blog posts, we introduced you to Free Drag and Drop Responsive Email Editor for Sendy, which offered 7 free responsive email templates on signup. Now, we are going to give you few more email templates which can help you in organizing email campaigns effectively with Sendy.

Free HTML Email Templates for Sendy

Before we get into more details about having email templates, we should know that a standard email template plays a great role in email delivery, open and click through rate. An email template should always be free from any kind of coding issues. All coding standards should be followed. Along with this, the text to html ratio should also be balanced.

Moreover, the email templates which you will use for organizing email campaigns with Sendy, should be compatible with wide range of email programs and devices; for example, it should be compatible with Gmail, Msn, Yahoo mail, Outlook and major email application on desktop, mobile and tablets.

You can read more about Best Email Marketing Practices with Sendy.

So, here are some of the email templates which are available for free and can be used inside Sendy template editor.

1. ZURB – Responsive eMail Templates

ZURB is know for its online web design works and also, for the best in class coding and design practices. With all these, Zurb provides 4 different email templates which you can use for different purposes. Namely, Zurb provides Basic, Hero, Sidebar, and Sidebar Hero responsive email templates for free of cost.


You can download these templates from here and start using inside Sendy email template editor.

2. 99 Designs

Another marketplace on internet for web designers – 99Designs also offer 12 free email templates, which can be used for business in different occasions. Although, some of these templates are not responsive, but are worth an use.


Download these free templates from 99Designs.

3. Free Mail Templates

This is another website that offers free email templates, which can be used from Sendy email application. There’s a huge collection of free HTML email templates designed for different occasions.


Download email template codes from here.

4. eMail Template for Newsletters

This is where you can download HTML templates for free of cost. These are lightweight designs and can be downloaded easily from website and edited inside Sendy template editor.


Download the free email template package from here.

After you have downloaded these HTML email templates, you can open the code of template and paste them inside the Sendy email template editor in HTML mode and start editing the template. Before you complete editing, don’t forget to add standard Sendy Unsubscribe and Weblinks.


  1. Simmons

    You made my day!
    I am going to use these email templates for my website. Compared among all, 99Designs should be the best bet for me.

    • Ankit

      Thanks Simmons 🙂

  2. Kiana

    This is great. I would love to try out these templates for my website.I, am going to use the newsletters ones, i think my site needs those.

  3. Cyrus

    I think this is helpful for websites.These templates can attract the customers and build the business.I appreciate the idea you mentioned.

  4. Heidi

    This is not really a blog but an informative piece of writing which highlights the various free HTML templates for Sendy. Along with written information, the write up also consist of the template designs. Every blogger or e-mail marketer should go through this to know about these templates. The writing is perfect for the technical people. Key points are highlighted and the visual design makes the post more viable.

  5. Joshua Rivera

    These templates are exactly what I was looking for my website. Free email templates will suit me the best. This content must have been really helpful for many people searching for the right templates for their pages. Truly appreciate your effort.

  6. Jesse Adams

    This post definitely made my work easier! Designing an email template is a very big deal as it requires a lot of creativity to engage the customer it is being sent to. These free email templates you have shared will indeed help us marketers.

  7. Shawn Lewis

    This post is so good that I have no choice but to share it. Also thanks for sharing the free HTML email templates with us.

  8. Maria Watson

    Using these templates is so easy! I would definitely recommend my friends to use these email templates for their website.

  9. Randy Sanchez

    I have tried the responsive email templates of ZURB and I must say they are amazing! They give 11 ultra customizable responsive HTML email templates to choose from.

  10. Shirley Cook

    Yes, even I have seen that ZURB responsive email templates look great in any inbox. We can simply sign up and download all the templates and get 3 free tutorials on responsive email design too.

  11. Cynthia Brown

    These responsive email templates for expert designers are very useful and attractive too. Thanks for sharing.

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