WordPress is one of the robust solutions to get started with blogging, website or content marketing as a whole. WordPress has evolved a lot in last 10 years and today it has become a major content management system over Internet. With all the capabilities to add features which we couldn’t imagine to have without hiring technology team, the plugins of WordPress has made this possible.

With time, the focus of a marketer shifts to email marketing in order to get returning visitors and make an impact of brand.  They start collecting visitors’ information in forms of emails. To do so, they turn to email marketing solutions like MailChimp and so on.


Very soon, we realized that cost incurred in bulk email was rising day by day with ESP providers. Hence, we started looking out for solutions which finally resulted in using some plugins for WordPress, which can take care of email marketing requirements, right from WordPress dashboard.

Installing a plugin to handle email newsletters inside WordPress is relatively easy and time saving. Moving ahead, few more weeks with this solution, we found that the sending speed is slow and it takes a longer time to complete the list. Along with this, we also discovered that some of the features of full fledged email marketing application is missing. Then, we decided to look out for more viable solutions. After a comprehensive research on the internet, we came to the conclusion that having a solution integrated with SMTP server vendor like Amazon SES, Mandrill, can be a great way to send emails at a better price.

Looking out for perfect solutions that can integrate easily and can be hosted as whitelabel email marketing solution, we usually turned our heads to some of the very famous email marketing apps like phplist, Openemm, Interspire, arpreach and so on. But, looking at immediate requirement, we saw that Sendy can solve all the problems of email marketing. So, having used most of the above mentioned email marketing solutions, I would like to mention some of the amazing features of Sendy and why its a great companion with WordPress.

WordPress and Sendy is a complete online solution:

1. Sendy is easy to Set-up and get started

You can easily set-up Sendy with help of EasySendy one click hosting solution. You just need to have a license of Sendy for your domain name and all you need is to place order for your EasySendy Plan. You can have a look through this blog post Easysendy Makes Sendy Setup And Support Easy On Cloud, which explains in easy steps to get started with EasySendy.

2. Sendy is White-label email marketing solution

With Sendy License for your own domain name, EasySendy enables you to configure own optimized server with your root domain or sub-domain. This enables you to host complete white-label email marketing solution for your business on your own domain name. Having this feature, the customer who receive emails from your end, also feels safe on clicking the outgoing links of the email.

Accordingly, Sendy also provide you with option to change the logo of brands which you will be adding inside Sendy.

3. Sendy is compatible with Amazon SES and Mandrill

Here is one more advantage with Sendy, like other application which enables you to use inhouse STMP servers to send outgoing emails. Sendy enables you to configure Amazon SES / Mandrill as their primary email sending service. Since, Amazon SES and Mandrill are pioneer in providing SMTP services, and, we also have compatibility with both, they act as great delivery expert for the emails which are sent out from Sendy.

amazon ses mandrill

EasySendy provides you with support for integrating Amazon SES / Mandrill with hosted Sendy. This support includes providing and verifying right setup of DKIM, SPF and PTR records on domain name.

4. Multiple WordPress plugins available for Sendy

Sendy has many WordPress compatible plugins available for free. There are few premium plugins, which are worth buying. Here, I would like to mention about these free and premium plugins:

Free Sendy WordPress Plugins:

Premium Sendy WordPress Plugins:

5. Sendy has all the required Email Marketing features

Now, having mentioned all the reasons why Sendy completes whole loop of WordPress and Email Marketing solution, I must mention here about the Email Marketing features of Sendy. For the purpose of email marketing and sending regular newsletters to the subscribers, Sendy has feature of email list, list management, email campaigns, campaign reports, templates and so on.


For advanced users, Sendy also has custom fields, auto bounce and complaint management, Forms, Autoresponders along with Sendy API, incase, you want to develop and integrate Sendy with your application. Get a demo of Sendy.

You can also take advantage of drag and drop email template editor from Stmaplia or ac directly use BeeFree email editor.

In order to make all the above features of Sendy work properly, EasySendy does complete and proper setup of php, php extensions, mysql database and cron jobs.


  1. Dennis

    Having an email marketing tool with WordPress is must have setup for an online business. I get to use this system very well and helping my business to grow. I follow all the best email marketing practices and more customers for my online business. Also, using API of Sendy made alot things automated.

  2. Amy

    This is for the people to handle word press at their work. The blog might seem to be interesting for bloggers. The entire write up is focused on why Sendy is an important companion of word press. The variable benefits of Sendy have been broadly highlighted over here. The blog also consists of certain graphic images like graphs and pie charts for better visualization on the topic. One should definitely give a read and also share it for others to take a look. Indeed a great piece of informative article.

  3. Rose Torres

    I have been using WordPress for two years. The WordPress plugins for email marketing were very useful at first but they started becoming slow with time. Using WordPress along with sendy is an amazing idea. Thank you so much for this article, it was really helpful.

  4. Helen Rodriguez

    WordPress is undoubtedly a major content management system software. Providing the email marketing requirements right from WordPress dashboard is very convenient for us marketers.

  5. Jacqueline Foster

    Wow! There are so many advantages of using WordPress and Sendy together for an online solution. I can’t wait to dig deep and start using all of these features. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jason Bell

    Apparently we can never use WordPress to send newsletter emails though it comes with a built-in mail feature which uses PHP’s mail function to send out emails. Hence it is recommended using an email service provider like Sendy!

  7. Louise Parker

    WordPress has so many powerful features and it gives us all the freedom to build anything we want and is both free of charge and priceless at the same time.

  8. Ernest Thomas

    As many as 29% of the web uses WordPress and it is a simple and easy to use tool.

  9. Shirley Cook

    Nice post! Looking forward for more such posts from your side.

  10. Betty Bennett

    It’s a fantastic idea to use WordPress plugins for email marketing. Reading the article was fascinating.

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